5 Power P’s for a successful business and a balanced life!

On the 10th anniversary of my company I refected back on the years that seemed as if they have just flown by. Seemingly effortless and with a lot of pleasure, I had the chance to be involved in many projects and people! I am often asked what the secret to my success is: My 5 Power P’s for Success. They are not only my professional secret, but they are my guideline everything I do. Today, I happily share them with you:

1) Passion: The idea behind my business was driven through my passion to enjoy every day and the little wonders each day brings. I wanted to share this feeling with others through my work. If you enjoy what you do, your work gives you energy rather than drain it from you. Therefore, I only accept projects that I like and I have a good feeling about. Your customers will notice too if you are passionate about their project (after all, emotions are contagious!) In many companies, people are not in the right position and feel passive about their work.

This creates stressed and unhappy employees, and ultimately illness or high employee turnover.

2) Pleasure: This rings not only true for me, but also for my clients. In all the trainings I give, the products I develop, or the projects I undertake, I put in an element of pleasure. Laughing is extremely good for your well-being and with a healthy dose of humor (including not taking yourself too seriously), you will achieve much more. To have fun, experience enjoyment and give pleasure to others is a great power boost for everyone. Employees who enjoy their job and see the fun in their daily tasks are not only more happy, loyal and work harder, they also deliver a higher quality of work.

3) Precision: Give all your attention to the task at hand. If your mind is occupied with other thoughts or e.g. you’re already thinking about tonight’s dinner, the chance of making mistakes is high. People can feel if it you are not 100% with them and in turn will be quicker to leave or not come back to you. True attention and being precise in everything you do improves the quality of the things you do. It saves you time in doing things twice. Quality over quantity is my motto when it comes to this. Satisfied clients come back, while unfulfilled clients create 10x as much negative publicity and only result in a waste of energy. A deal is a deal, so be sure to put all your focus where it belongs.

4) Planning & Priorities: A good planning and the correct order of priorities are essential to create an overview and thus tranquility. Every week, I make a planning and adjust it according to my priorities; if necessary. I do this on a daily basis. Sticking to my planning and organizing my days in a clear way, help that I, as a single mother of two small children, entrepreneur, and social active person with her own hobbies, have enough time to do everything without stress or sleepless nights. In this way, I also consciously plan in my own "Smiley moments" so I stay in balance and can recharge.

Often, the companies I give trainings to or help with projects, have one thing in common, whether they are sole proprietorship or multinationals: the employees work in an unstructured way with no planning behind their tasks. With the right guidance and planning, employees can save up to 1.5 to 2 hours a day with working more effectively, they create a better work-life balance, and decrease the risk of burn-out or stress.

5) People: I surround myself with positive and inspiring people; I keep my distance from negative energy. A good network of people around you is crucial and acts as a power boost for your success. At least once a month, I go for lunch or a cup of coffee with someone I find inspiring; the goal is to exchange ideas or to inspire each other. At least once a year, I follow a workshop, course, or training led by someone else. Here, my own goal is to challenge myself. You are never too old to learn! If you have a business with many employees then they are the heart of your organization. Take care of them and they will take care of your business and your customers. Involve them in the conversation and listen to their ideas. This is how I get inspired, challenged and build my network.

These 5 Power P’s ensure that I have been a successful entrepreneur for over two decades, but they also help me stay in balance as a person and mother. Do you want to know more about my training, what I can do for you or your business or join me for lunch or a cup of coffee? Great! You can always contact me: info@joycecarols.com


About Drs. Joyce Carols

Drs. Joyce Carols is the Managing Director of Enjoy EsC. A training & Coaching Company specialized in Personal Growth, Effective Communication and Vitality Programs.

She’s a proud foster mom of two beautiful girls, a former international in both Field Hockey and Acro-diving. She has worked and lived for well known global.

As a Leadership Coach & the worlds’ fist Vitality Performance Coach© she supports Top Managers worldwide with her special "Top Management = Top Sport Performance Coaching Program" and her "10 for 20 in 30 Vitality Program". Own past experience, a hands-on mentality, enthusiasm, fun and a great amount of knowledge, makes her unique and the Leaderschip & Life Coach that motivates & helps you to achieve your goals and is truly inspirational through her astonishing life story!




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