Lovely Words From My Clients

Grateful | Thankful | Blessed


Femke, Marketing Director

"With her enthusiasm and clear vision, Joyce knows how to create a real breakthrough in your personal development. She inspires and challenges you in such a way that you want to get started right away!

The months with her went by in a second and she was always there when I needed her. I gained more out of the program than I could have imagined before I started"

foto Ilse

Ilse, Business Owner

"A day without laughter is a wasted day!" This quote is typically Joyce. Joyce is a dedicated and energetic powerful woman. She knows how to trigger you in a positive way to become the best version of yourself. She challenges you and knows what questions to ask, to get the best results. Working with Joyce gave me the motivation and inspiration I needed to bring myself to the next level in life and in top sports. She helped me break through my limiting beliefs and got me to the top. All with a massive dose of humor, fun and laughter!"


Ariane, Business Owner

“From the first minutes I worked with Joyce she stood out by her way of coaching. Joyce dares to try different approaches and seeks to improve you beyond your wildest dreams. She refreshing, inspiring, never loses sight of your goals and needs and she know how to positively stimulate you to get the best out of the 90 days with her. She is a real asset to every woman who has the chance to work with her”


Esther, HR Director

"Joyce knows how to let you break through every limiting belief you can ever find. She is both fun and confronting, supporting and challenging and always warm and full of know-how. She hands you immediate applicable tips and tricks which make a difference in your daily life. I learned to be more resilient in situations that were very challenging for me before and I have a vital and better work-life schedule”


Johanna, Director Portfolio Management

"As Director Portfolio Management, I have worked with Joyce for several years. During those years, I learned a great deal from her in respect of understanding business and personal relations and how to put available ‘tools’ effectively into practice. She stimulates professional and personal growth by recognizing qualities and encourages to step outside ones comfort zone. She is very capable to train and coach both teams and individuals. I like working with Joyce because she is someone who you can completely trust to deliver and she is very well skilled. Joyce adds value to everything she does and makes things happen. She is also fun to work with, open, honest and motivated and has a ton of experience. I recommend her highly and without the slightest hesitation. Anyone would be lucky to have a training from or be coached by her."


Vanessa, Investment Director

"Joyce is enthusiasm! So much knowledge, experience and energy! She was amazing in motivating me and getting me to move towards my ultimate dream life. She knows how to get you moving, she is fun to work with, always full of joy and a true inspiration with her life story and ever lasting energy, positivity and drive to grow! She really lets you grow to your full potential”

Drs. Joyce Carols

Love from my clients

"Joyce is Inspiration, Motivation and Energy! A warm and loving mentor." II  "She makes the Impossible Possible and gives tons of Energy." II  "She goes above and beyond her duty to help you reach your goals, maximize your performance & impact." II "With her no nonsense and direct approach she keeps you grounded, accountable and on track." II  "Choose the Cake or the Poo, but make a conscious choice." II  "She speaks from the heart, straight to your heart." II  "She speaks from her own experience and walks her talk. For me Joyce is the living proof of her own program." II  "Joyce gives you open & honest feedback. She does not back down to confront you with your own behavior and she pushes your limits. All with the utmost respect and with your well-being in mind. Her direct approach serves a purpose. If I have to describe her attitude and why she's is so good it's her "Do it, No Excuses, Cut the Crap and I got your back" mentality and way of mentoring."

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