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Corporate Women

How to survive & thrive in a testosterone world, without losing your femininity

On a daily basis companies ask us to support them with Inclusion and Diversity Solutions. One of the biggest problems they are facing nowadays is the Corporate Women leaving their companies.  Recruiting, Retaining and Reinforcing Corporate Women, the Diversity movement & quota, plus the social, psychological and economical benefits more divers boards and top management teams bring, all together make it a challenge worth investigating in. However many companies lack the time, expertise and scope to deal with this in a proper manner.

The truth however is, that over the course of the last decade, research has shown and we discovered that there are plenty of top management-position-ready-ladies out there, plus they don't leave within the first year after being assigned, as you properly mentor them.

Our High Performance Programs do just that: Properly support, train and mentor your Corporate Women and the team they'll operate in. Let us worry about the how of the recruitment, retain and Reinforcement so they and their team will maximize their performance & impact.

The High Performance Leadership Programs we are globally asked for are:

  • Corporate Women, how to survive & thrive in a testosterone world without losing your femininity: E-learning. Companies buy this program a lot and usually for their starting and middle management female staff, so they are already prepared for the road ahead, they learn leadership skills and coping mechanisms, that will make them grow more easily into higher leadership positions.
  • The Diamond High Perfromance Leadership Mentoring Program. This signature program is unique in the world! Corporate Women, Companies, CEO's and teams, call us daily for this program as it has an one of a kind work-life balance & unburden approach, It enables Corporate Women to completely focus on their tasks at hand, their corporate career, without the worry and stress over the daily household nor family issues. A team consisting of a personal dedicated, specially trained Executive Mentor and Personal Business Manager, is supporting the corporate woman for a year.
  • And a Special Inclusive Leadership Team Training which ensures all diversity issues are off the table and the focus on shared performance & impact goals. The best way to integrate an inclusive, diverse team.

We currently have our own trained & dedicated teams in The Netherlands, Brussels (Belgium), London (UK), Singapore, New York, San Francisco, Zurich (Switzerland) and Geneva (Switserland). And due to the high demand, expanding rapidly. But we are mentoring Corporate Women on a global scale, so if you, your company or team is not in one of these places, please do contact us and see how we can support you.

If you want to know more about these programs and our unique approach, please feel free to contact my team and schedule an appointment HERE

Foto: Esther Meijer

High Performance Executive Mentoring

Companies and CEOs ask me all the time to come into their company and mentor their Top Managers or themselves. It can be lonely at the top and not a lot of people will dare to give you honest and fundamental feedback. The stress of always having to be the role model everyone looks at and long days, intensive travel and non stop using your brains capacity to the max, can lift a heavy toll on your mental, physical and emotional endurance. It is a myth to think you're the only CEO or top manager that feels like this. Or that you should do it all on your own. What we found out over the last decades mentoring thousands of Executives and C-suit managers, that almost 99% of them have similar feelings. And as we frequently use the analogue with top sports; good teams need good coaches to best perform and the best coaches, leaders in the world all have a mentor to grow and maximize their own potential,  performance & impact. 

In this one on one High Performance Leadership Executive Mentoring Program,  Drs. Joyce Carols will tailor the Program to suit your needs so you can be assured that you'll get a truly personalized journey and package.  The clear-cut 7 step High Performance Leadership System is designed for you to get the most out of this 1 year High Performance Leadership Mentoring Program to help you bounce back into a balance between, happiness, energy, joy and success so you can do, achieve or overcome anything. The goals is to let you Maximize your Potential, Performance & Impact. Which automatically will lead to a better performance of your team and your company.

This 365 day program includes 12 one hour 1:1 Skype/Zoom coaching sessions which you can schedule yourself at your own convenience as you'll get VIP access to Drs. Joyce's calendar.  The Executive High Performance Leadership Mentoring Program entails also unlimited e-mail / whatsapp support, personalized goals, target and preferred  VIP client accesses.

Drs. Joyce Carols only has a few spots per year available for this High Performance Leadership Executive Mentoring Program, so please make sure to contact us and we'll check availability right away for you.

Joyce Carols

High Performance Elite Mastermind

Dynamic.  Balanced.  Energetic.

People ask me all the time how me and my team stay so energetic and healthy, while running all the global businesses, traveling the world as International Speaker and taking care of our family plus social life. One of my secrets is, the time outs I take (and I let my staff take), the daily routine, The mental, physical, cognitive and emotional work I do, to stay fit.

One of the biggest problems the corporate world deals with, is the stress people have during long periods of time. Technology, the 24 hour economy and many other facts we face in this day and age, take its toll on our performance, health and emotional well being. The burnout rate and sick leave rate is at an all time high! Which costs companies world wide billions and billions of money! What we've found out by working with our thousands of clients, is that a good balance in performance and rest or better said a complete time out to recharge, can significantly reduce these numbers.

This three day High Performance Executive Intensive Program with Drs. Joyce Carols in a luxurious five star location,  will make you feel like an Olympic Champion. 

Be pampered in a beautiful place full of luxury and personal attention and work on your Success Mindset, to fully recharge and to ultimately Maximize your Potential, Performance & Impact.

After the preliminary Intensive Intake call to see if you are suited for this program,  we will welcome you with a cocktail on this beautiful tropical island at our hotel bar on the beach under the palm trees. The three day Intensive High Performance Executive Program includes a personalized Program & workbook with three days of in-depth personal growth towards your maximum performance & impact,  one on one mentoring sessions, our signature Vitality Performance Matrix Test, our Triple 7 Principle, wellness treatments from our dedicated team of specialists, yoga and or meditation sessions and of course our celebration dinner.

Contact us for available dates and spots.

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