I believe that

High Performance Leadership will maximize your Potential, Performance & Impact!

-Drs. Joyce Carols:  The High Performance Leaders' Leading Lady

About Drs. Joyce Carols

Drs. Joyce Carols is the CEO and -founder of Enjoy EsC with a strong drive 4 diversity. By her clients also called as The High Performance Leadership Leaders' Leading Lady. Joyce started working for major Fortune 500 Companies in her early 20s. By the time she was 36 she founded her own companies with which she later achieved her goal of touching and changing the lives of thousands of people around the world.

Joyce overcame severe adversities in life (she twice barely survived a Near Death Experience when she suffered  2 severe allergy attacks and she managed to play for her National Field Hockey team, after she broke her neck with a 99% chance of never ever walking again stacked against her) but still managed to achieve all the big, unthinkable dreams & goals she planned for herself.

Her experiences inspired her to share this knowledge with others and she was soon mentoring, training & teaching thousands of people all over the world to create the lifestyle, wealth, and happiness in their lives by adopting High Performance Leadership skills to maximizing their potential, performance & impact. Both for Businesses as individuals alike.

With her ground breaking Corporate Women Program, Joyce and her global team strategically supports companies with inclusive leadership strategies to recruit, retain and reinforce Corporate Women in Top Management & Board Positions.

I am a strong believer in the power of a High Performance Leadership style and true Diversity in all its facets. Born in 1969 in South Korea, adopted at age 2 into a Dutch family, now mom of two beautiful foster daughters, loving wife of a wonderful partner, global entrepreneur, sports fan and endless optimist, I am living my dream life and enjoy every minute of it. 

As High Performance Leadership Mentor for Executives, International Speaker and Best Selling Author my mission is to empower leaders to adopt a High Performance Leadership Style so they can shatter their glass ceiling, embrace Diversity and that they can do, achieve or overcome anything in order for them to maximize their potential, performance and impact. In this way they are able to balance professional success with personal energy, strength and happiness.

Besides the fact that this is an inspirational and motivational success formula, it’s also a financial success formula. It helps to unlocks vast amounts of energy and allows us to do extraordinary things.

As the Owner and Founder of Enjoy EsC (a Business Development & Coaching company), Drive4Diversity (a company that supports World Leaders in implementing Diversity into their personal and business strategy) and Europe's Women Speakers (a non profit with the aim to bring more diversity to the global stages.)

With her "Bragelicious" movement she dedicates a lot from her proceeds to organize freeHigh Performance Leadership trainings to boost Confidence, Self Esteem & Empowerment for Teenage girls around the world. In order to support the next generation of women to be able to maximize their full potential performance & impact.


My journey

I am the walking and living proof of my mission. Adversity struck me more than one could think of. For example about 20 years ago I broke my neck and was told that I had a 1% chance of ever walking again. But I still managed, against all odds, to fulfill my childhood dream, to get back on my feet and play for the National Field hockey Team in the World Qualifying Series.

In 2003 and again in 2008 I saw my own heart monitor go flat when I was lying in the ER suffering major allergy attacks. I barely survived a near-death experience, twice!

But no adversity in life stopped me. I taught me a valuable lesson, to appreciate life and all I had even more. Every time adversity knocked on my door I became more and  more determined to beat it with a positive attitude and strong mind. I was tenacious to succeed in life and in my mission to change the world by working with leaders, executives and by speaking on stages. 

Since 2007 I run my own companies and do I support as a Mindset Psychologist & Behavioral Expert, Companies, Executives and Team as a mentor, trainer, business strategist and International Speaker to maximize their performance & impact. I have multiple companies and work with a global network of organizations and teams. The first 12 years of my working life I have been working for major Fortune 500 companies all over the globe. Working in the Corporate World has given me a valuable insight in the way business is done and it showed me also I needed to give back my insights. The insights on how Executives can implement a Success Mindset and Diversity for themselves and their companies. 

My Products and Services

With my own Success Mindset System, a great dose of determination and energy, I stepped out of the Corporate World I was in for over a decade and found my calling when I established Enjoy EsC and Drive4Diversity, with which we offer Success Mindset & Corporate Women (Diversity & Inclusion strategy Programs) to Executives and Companies in:

✨Business Development
✨Personal Development
✨International Speaker(s)

I firmly believe that you need a Success Mindset to succeed as an Executive. Top Management is Top Sports! Either it is in being the leader that wants to balance professional success, with personal health & happiness, or it's that leader that want to lead by example, motivate its people and  or implement a strong and profound diversity & inclusion strategy in his own mission or company. If your mindset is not right, you will not succeed in life or business. If you really want to maximize your (own, team's or business') performance & impact, please contact my team, for the best suited solution for your situation.


A clear 7 Step Success Mindset System

With our clear 7-step Success Mindset System we guide leaders to shatter their glass ceiling, unlock their full potential and accomplish their dream life. In this way they are able to inspire, empower and motivate their teams and the people around them. This system not only establishes a psychological and cultural change, it has proven to have major economical/financial benefits too. It's proven to maximize your performance & impact.

 We support large organizations and individuals alike.

My Vision

Joyce’s vision is in raising peoples full potentia, performance & impact by getting them into a Success Mindset and change the beliefs about Diversity & Inclusion on a global scale. Her Executive Coaching sessions, Speaking engagements and Drive4Diversity work, has helped improve the quality of lives of thousands of successful people around the world and is a must for anyone serious about realizing their full potential.

In Joyce's vision A Success Mindset is a Must and Diversity goes far beyond any target group discussion. Diversity is a we and not an us versus them matter! With our ground breaking Corporate Women Programs, we support companies to Recruit, Retain and Reinforce the Women in/for their Top Management and Board positions.


My Credentials

  • Fouder & Owner of Enjoy EsC: A Training & Coaching Company

  • Founder & Owner of Drive4Diversity.com a company specialized in Diveristy consulting wiith the aim to bring more Divesity to the Global Corporates & Goverments

  • Founder & Chair of Europe's Women Speakers, a non profit with the aim to bring more diversity to the global stages

  • World's First Vitality Performance Coach: Combining my experience in top management for Major Fortune 500 companies with my years being a top athlete

  • Drs. in Psycho-Social Sciences

  • Degree in Psychology

  • Certified Essential Coach

  • Success Mindset & Behavioral Expert

  • Certified Cognitive Fitness Specialist: Staying sharp by exercising your brain

  • Author of an in 2012 UNESCO Awarded Coaching Program

  • Certified 4G Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Specialist

  • Certified Reiki 1+2

  • Certified Transactional Analysis One-on-One Coach

  • Sought after International Speaker in Success Mindset, Behavior and Diversity

  • Bestselling (Co)Author of the book: Unleash Your Voice. Powerful Public Speaking for Every Woman

  • The World's first Vitality Performance Coach
Drs. Joyce Carols

Love from my clients

"Joyce is Inspiration, Motivation and Energy! A warm and loving mentor." II  "She makes the Impossible Possible and gives tons of Energy." II  "She goes above and beyond her duty to help you reach your goals, maximize your performance & impact." II "With her no nonsense and direct approach she keeps you grounded, accountable and on track." II  "Choose the Cake or the Poo, but make a conscious choice." II  "She speaks from the heart, straight to your heart." II  "She speaks from her own experience and walks her talk. For me Joyce is the living proof of her own program." II  "Joyce gives you open & honest feedback. She does not back down to confront you with your own behavior and she pushes your limits. All with the utmost respect and with your well-being in mind. Her direct approach serves a purpose. If I have to describe her attitude and why she's is so good it's her "Do it, No Excuses, Cut the Crap and I got your back" mentality and way of mentoring."

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