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About Drs. Joyce Carols

Drs. Joyce Carols is a sought after International Speaker and official TEDx Speaker.  Her speaking engagements are graded most favorably by different audiences all over the globe.

Engaging.  Inspiring.  Knowledgeable.

Spot on, hands-on, down-to-earth and always with a little “Joyce Twist” characterize her engagement with her audience.

Time and again, her audiences have been moved to tears as Joyce shares her incredible life story and experience.  Delivered with humor, passion and compassion, her speech inspires her audiences to reflect on their own lives and motivate them to go the extra mile.

Joyce’s mastery of the subject matter goes beyond her scientific Psychological Knowledge and what you can find in books.  It is informed by her own life experiences and her conscious decision to be more appreciative and mindful in life.

Finding a new ome can be difficult. It doesn't have to be.

Drs. Joyce Carols' Credentials

  • Founder & Owner Enjoy EsC , Bragelicious
  • University degree in Psycho-Social Science MA
  • University in Psychology
  • Certified Essential & Cognitive Behavioral Transformation Coach
  • Certified Cognitive Fitness Specialist: Staying sharp by exercising your brain
  • Co-Author of an in 2012 UNESCO Awarded Coaching Program
  • Certified Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Specialist
  • Certified Transaction Analysis 1 0n 1 Coach
  • Certified Aviation Security Expert & Anti-Terrorism Profiler
  • Respected & frequently quoted High Performance Leadership, Behavioral and Vitality Expert 
  • Motivational International Speaker in High Performance Leadership , Human Behavior, Interpersonal Communication and Vitality
  • Co-Author of The Bestseller and nr.1 Women Speaker Book: Unleash your Voice (Powerful Public Speaking for Every Woman)
  • Worked for 3 Major Fortune 500 Companies
  • World's first Vitality Performance Coach VPC with almost 3 decades of working Experience
  • Founder & Chair of Europe's Women Speakers; a non profit organization with the aim to bring more diversity to the global stages

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Main Topics Drs. Joyce Carols Speaks about


1. Keynote:

“Maximize your Potential, Performance & Impact with High Performance Leadership"

This is the keynote Joyce talks about on stages all over the globe.

Drs. Joyce knows whereof she speaks.  Listen to her as she shares her riveting life story of how she overcame a broken neck and beat the 99% odds stacked against her that she would be paralyzed for the rest of her life.  She still eventually managed to play at the World Qualifying Games for the National Field Hockey Team. And, at a later point in her life, she barely survived a near death experience after a severe allergy attack.

As a firm believer that a person can achieve, do and overcome anything for as long as you set your mind to it, Joyce shares her expertise and motivational insights and the psychology behind it, to encourage and empower her audience.

As a High Performance Leader you are in control of your life.  You have a choice every minute of every day.  What happens to you is not what determines your life; it’s what you choose to do with it.

2. "The High Performance Leader/Speaker"

How can you implement High Performance Leadership as a leader/speaker to increase and maximize your own potential,  performance and impact including the same of your team? As a Speaker you can use it to improve your own performance & impact on  and off stage to better connect with your audience. 

3. "The impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI) on your employees' Behavior"
How can we best prepare and thrive in an fast changing era. People are wired to resist change and tend to cling to the known. In this day and age as a leader you should be prepared and know what the influence of AI will be on your company and employee behavior. And how you can deal with the fast changes and how to diminish the resistance and change to an adoptive learning behavior.


KeyNote Europe's Women Speakers

Drs. Joyce Carols is the Founder and Chair of Europe's Women Speakers, a non-profit organisation that aims to bring more diversity to the stages in Europe with highly qualified women speakers.

At EWS, our aim is simple: just like you, we want to bring more diversity to stages around the world. We focus on diversity for the simple reason that it increases group intelligence. Unfortunately, a podium without a single woman speaker is much too common.  We are going to change that! 

Looking for top female speakers?

Bring more diversity to your next event! Find talented women speakers who are passionate subject-matter experts, covering topics from leadership to sexual health right here on EWS. We’ve handpicked top speakers as founding members and we are grooming dozens more to enter your favorite directory in the furure!

We're a non-profit organization run entirely by volunteers. Our raison d'être is simple: it's all about women supporting women. Not only do we make sure that women are more visible through this site, we also groom the next generation of Female speakers.


"We invited Joyce to provide us with a workshop. In only one hour we left the room feeling energized for the rest of the week. In a very inspirational and energetic way Joyce presented tips that we could immediately put into practice and that helped us find a better balance between professional succes and personal energy and happiness. Joyce has such a positive mindset and really encourages everyone to make small changes to their lifestyle which have a huge impact. Speaking from her own experience makes her message even more powerful.I witnessed even skeptical colleagues, being completely convinced of Joyce’ her message within the hour.Besides her powerful message and appearance, I got to know Joyce as a very reliable, nice, positive, energetic, fun, professional, experienced and sincere person. She sparkles when she enters the room, which leaves no one untouched."

- Stephanie Saltzherr: Director Human Resources International bij AtriCure Europe BV

"Drs. Joyce Carols has proven on numerous occasions to be a positive force in personal and group development. Always able to tune in to the specific situation and perform/react accordingly. Her ability to inspire, surprise and energize is a catalyst for anything from one-to-one coaching to large scale conferences, when at all times the needs of the individual participants are in focus. Joyce is a 'must have' for my sessions in 2019 and beyond."

- Sean Mallon: Educational Director Dutch Footbal Association

"Joyce inspired the whole group with her energy, positive attitude and great sense of humor. I have to say that this has been one of the greatest workshops I have ever received. I would recommend her to anyone who wants to boost the energy, drive of positive thinking of his/her team. Absoluty great! Joyce thank you very much!"

- Tim Nieuwenhuijsen: International Lecturer International Business Studies 

"Joyce inspired the room and touched the hearts of our employees. With her talk she gave them the courage to thrive and move on. This woman really knows what she is talking about both from a psychological as from an incredible life experience!"

- Bjorn vd Voorde: Senior Manager ABN AMRO

"Never thought in million years our communication effects our ability and performance so much as I just learned today! Drs. Joyce Carols really opened my eyes and showed me a new meaning to Communication on a personal and general level."

- Caroline Shiftner: Senior Manager 

"Wow, the words stay put in my mouth...What an incredible world we live in with so many jobs that I never knew existed to keep us all safe. Getting inside insight into the world of a terrorism, aviation security profiler, the danger they are in and the work they do on a daily basis, made me value my safe environment even more. Thank you Drs. Joyce Carols, for this amazingly rare behind the scenes view!"

- Angelica Hudson: D&I Manager & Event Organizer

"Life changing" "Amazing" 'Great values and take aways" "Stuck to her story every second of her speech" "Eye opener" "Power Woman" "A true leader and inspiration for all" "Never thought psychology could be this sexy" "High Heels and High Expert Status!" "A must go to" "A thought leader" "A woman who knows her stuff" "She gives so much value" "Thought Provoking" "She sparks the energy in the room" "She really moved me" "I wanted to quit, she gave me a reason not to" "Confronting" "We need more of these speakers" "Not your average speaker" "The only woman in this conference, but the best speech and greatest value" "I heard many speeches, get bored easily, but not with Joyce" "She speaks from the heart, based on facts and experience" "Science with the heart and voice of a  truly remarkable woman" "I wish I could pick her brain" "No one like her" "immediately booked her for my event" "Strength, power, dedication and passion put into one woman" "Get her on stage" "Would have liked to listen to her her the whole day" "Inspiring"  

- Random fragments of feedback from audience members all over the globe

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