Maximize Your Potential Performance and Impact as a Coach.

YES here it is!

The High Performance Mentoring 2.0 Program for Coaches!

Every day I get asked so many questions from coaches on how to grow their knowledge & business and what they could do to be even more successful as they are.

During a lot of my Masterclasses or after my talks on stages around the world people have asked whether I, as a mentor, wanted to support them to achieve their coach practice goals. Despite my very busy schedule, I have decided to exceptionally only mentor a number of coaches for half a year. To support you with questions like (and as you're reading this, you might relate to some of them too):

    • I do fine, but how do I grow from fine / good to great, where I don't have to worry about my next client?
    • What extra neuroscience is out there that can enhance my coaching skills?
    • What are the some of the most and common used psychological fundamentals that I really should master as a coach?
    • How to I even start?
    • How do I get rid of these limiting beliefs that are holding me back?
    • How do I deal with my partner or family that always tell me to go back to a job I don't like?
    • How do I get (high ticket) clients or where to even find them?
    • What products and services should I offer?
    • What's the best strategy to move forward?


Coaches like you and I face so many challenges like:

  • Knowledge and skills need to be up to date at every point in time as we are dealing with human behavior.
  • Cash flow management. Cash flow is essential to small business survival, yet many entrepreneurs struggle to pay the bills (let alone themselves) while they're waiting for checks to arrive.
  • Marketing strategy. What's the best strategy in this fast moving technical, informational world for us coaches?
  • Capital. How to raise capital, invest wisely or make money with my money.
  • Criticism and self-doubt. A High Performance Mindset is key to your success, performance, energy and happiness.
  • Finding Clients. Where do I find them and what is my ideal client?
  • Building a Successful Team. Do I need a team, how can I afford a team, what to do to keep them engaged?
  • Perfecting the Product. What products and services should I offer? How to scale up, earn a passive income and monetize my know how?
  • Finding the Right Partners. How do I use my network wisely and effectively?
  • Emotions and feelings like fear, loneliness, self doubt, low sense of worth, direction or self esteem.

Wouldn't it be great

Being an coach has so many advantages and I bet you dream of a life free of stress, worries and full of happiness and freedom. A life in which you:

  • really can support your clients on a life changing level
  • are an added value in their lives
  • can make a difference to someone in need
  • can grow as a coach professional
  • are your own boss in all its facets
  • can make your own schedule
  • set your own rules
  • are able to choose only those projects & clients you love to do or work with
  • can pick your own team
  • you have control over your future
  • every day is different and exciting
  • are able to always learn new things
  • are able to share the world and leave a legacy
  • only do what you love
  • live your passion
  • have the financial freedom to travel the world or do the things you love
  • are able to provide you, your family and or friends the best life they deserve
  • can maximize the potential, performance and impact you make.

Wouldn't that be great?! If you want all this then sign up HERE

Why do I free up my time for this program?

Why am I doing this? First of all, because I wish everyone the success, happiness and pleasure in their work, I have every single day. Simply, because more happy people make the world a better place. In addition, because I would like to see all of you, who have asked me to act as her mentor this year, grow bigger, become more successful and achieve all dreams or goals in order to live a free and happy life you have. The same free and happy life that I have and I also wish each and everyone of you. The third reason is the fact that I now realize how great it is to have a mentor. I have paid the grand prize for my mentor and I realize that not everyone can pay that amount, so I also decided to apply my mentorship at an affordable rate as my way to give back to the coach community. As a result, I cannot support you 1 on 1, but it will be in a closed, safe, loving and caring group. This does not mean that you only get generic mentoring. On the contrary, you get a lot of individual attention and also some generic assignments that I have assembled in the past 25 years. You will grow both as a person and with your coach business.

What you'll get

To give you maximum attention and to let you get the most out of the program, I have worked hard to bundle all my know-how into this program. The group program will look like this:

=> Every month we have a zoom call in which in the first part I will tell you about the new developments and also all the knowledge I have gained over the past 25 years being in business. Tips, tools, trucks, do's and don'ts. The latest trends. Cool new apps, features or things you can do to improve your business. The strategy I use on a daily basis to be successful and how I grew my business to over 7 figures. The second part of the conversation I will discuss your personal development, questions, challenges and / or feedback on input / answers to assignments.

=> Part of the mentoring will consist of basic theory, neuroscience and assignments that really apply to everyone.

=> Part of the mentoring is really completely tailored to you personally/your personal needs.

=> Personal feedback on all your questions, posts, website, branding and submitted materials.


=> You will have access to a closed FB group group in which all questions, documents, FB-lives etc are kept and in which you can also ask all extra questions between the monthly sessions. The advantage of a joint platform is the fact that we can then learn from each other and also inspire, motivate, keep each other sharp and accountable.

=> You'll get all forms, examples, links etc I used myself to grow my company easy, successful and value. Then you don't have to reinvent the wheel.

=> You will have access to my network and where possible I will also link you as much as possible to potential clients in my network.

=> You get access to all e-books and online courses that I have written (including some online materials In which the structure of your company is set up step by step. See what's there in the library and use it at your convenience (e.g. My Success Mindset System and other valuable links).

=> You'll even get a 30 minutes 1 on 1 call with me personally!

=> And finally you get my full attention, commitment, enthusiasm, precious time, love, dedication and experience to support you if you really want to become even more successful, maximize your potential, performance and impact.

So to sum it all up, here are my investments in you:

  • For 6 months, I will give you my time, my commitment, and the knowledge I've gained from taking multiple businesses to 7 figures and beyond through my 25+ years of experience in many fields.
  • ​I will listen to you, and I will help you.
  • ​I will train you to boost your intelligence, your competitiveness, your talent, and your resiliency.
  • ​I will give you content you've never heard, and challenges you've never even imagined.
  • ​I will personalize every aspect of content for YOU.
  • ​I will hold you accountable for the work we're doing.
  • ​I will talk to you the way I talk to my most successful clients (Note: I don't sugarcoat!).
  • ​I will show you how much better you can be, no matter how good or great you may already be.


This program NOT is for:

This program is NOT intended for anyone who:

  • thinks I will set up and run their business;
  • thinks this program is a "get-rich-quick without putting in the effort" solution
  • always blame others for their own flaws or failures;
  • likes to say "yes but" and make excuses;
  • has a negative attitude and thinks I will fix all their problems;
  • I am the solution for all her problems;
  • cannot cope with honest, open, constructive feedback;
  • is rather lazy than tired;
  • is very stubborn (which is not bad, because I am too) and think they are always right, so will not do what I recommend doing (because then you have this attitude you certainly do not need me);
  • believes that she is already doing everything right;
  • likes excuses instead of taking responsibility for their own actions.

This program is for:

Since I place great value on you and my time plus the fact that time is our most valuable asset as entrepreneurs, I don't want to waste time nor energy. Hence the list below.

This program IS intended for you if you:

    • are seriously about getting started with the growing your business;
    • really want to be coached;
    • really want to be challenged;
    • can handle honest and open feedback;
    • want to make the big leap in growth as a person and as a company;
    • want / can set clear goals and don't mind being held accountable for achieving them;
    • are done with the hassle in the margins and wants to think / act big, take the big leap and jump;
    • want to take real responsibility for your own growth, actions, goals and tasks;
    • want to make 2020 your best year ever;
    • want to maximize your own performance and impact;
    • want to work from your deepest passion and drive
    • also grant others every success in the world and are willing to cheer them on when they need to;
    • want to make a positive contribution to the group;
    • have or are willing to adapt a growth mindset and create a success mindset;
    • really want to take ACTION and continue this half year.

If you recognize yourself completely in the last list, I would love to work with you on all your goals in the coming half year!


Dates and times

The dates of the monthly meetings will be set for the entire half year. If you are unable to attend the zoom calls or fb-live, you always have the option of asking your question in the meantime or submitting your question in advance and then reviewing the recording afterwards.

Start date is Monday February 1, 2021.

How can you register?

You can register via the link below. Enter your name and email address there, then you will receive the payment details and details of the program from me. The deadline for registration is January 29th 2021! (please be quick as the last two groups were sold out in 2 hours, without me even advertising or going public with it. And no this is not a sales pressure sentence; it is the truth and I really don't want you to miss out on a great opportunity! )
When your payment is received, you will receive your first module in which you can clearly state your goals for the coming six months in which I will mentor you.

The email will also contain a link to the program, the online environment and the FB group. February 1rst we will start with the first assignment and live video from me!

Don't waste your precious time!

I know you have many of the same questions and face the same challenges like I did many years ago when I started my company. I wasted so much time! I wished every day that someone somehow would help me and tell me what to do next. But I had to learn the it the hard way. And boy, did I fail and fail and fail....the amount of mistakes I made as an entrepreneur & coach (and sometimes still do...) are countless. But like I always do in life when challenges hit me, I look for the learning and how I can grow out off the situation. And now I am a successful High Performance Leaders' Leading Lady and entrepreneur, with a global reach, global c-suit customer base and I can travel the world, while doing what I love most: work with amazing people, having a successful professional life while enjoying my personal life to max. No worries over bills, my worth, my knowledge or the next job. No worries about the role model I would like to be for my kids. No worries about how I can pay the bills coming in. And no stress, no burden, no limits, just freedom, happiness, joy and positive energy, living the life I love. Living my mission: to enjoy every day and spreading/ sharing that joy to/with others.

I'm so lucky to have found me a top notch mentor once, who supported me in my journey, to grow even bigger and better than I am today. Who got me out of my comfort zone and pushed me to the max. He is by far the best thing that happened to me. With his knowledge, wisdom and courage he managed to challenge me beyond my wildest dreams and that's why I am so successful as I am today. I went from bare making six figures a year to sometimes even six figures a day and now turning towards hitting over 7 figures a year!

I see so many of you coaches struggle. It breaks my heart as it reminds me of my own struggle. And I get so many questions if I would be able to mentor people, on a daily basis, I have decided to start a new mentoring group! So I'll be able to mentor you personally to grow your business and strengthen your mindset to maximize your performance and impact!

You know the best part of it is, I so love to see my clients grow! Like you, they started in the group with so many questions, fears and doubts. Soon after we started working together they already book progress and change their beliefs, doubts, fears, outcomes and make huge progress.

So hop on board and let me support you and mentor you to your best year yet!



What others say about this program

"Joyce like no other knows how to ask the right questions. It gave me the clarity to define my business proposition and strategy.

She knows how to inspire, motivate and guide you to create the best product package and which revenue models work the best for your situation.

She also supported me on how to apply the social media strategy for Linkedin, Facebook and Instragram in order for me to reach my  business targets." - Ellen


"Joyce  has the ability to quickly come to the heart of a problem. She has a strong combination of intuition, business insights and positive constructive feedback.

If you have the courage to really come to the essence of your abilities, step into your power and maximize your strength, I highly recommend this program." -Hella


"Being a Top Sport Athlete and being World Champion brought a lot a pressure both mentally as also physically.  I had reached my goals and could not find the motivation to go on. You need a mentor to stretch your limits and get you out of your comfort zone. My beliefs were holding me back so I got stuck. After all I reached my goal to become world champion, so what was next, right? I learned that with the right mindset, you not only can do or achieve anything, but you also can overcome a lot of things and deal with adversity when it hits you. When I started my own company a few years ago, I noticed the same doubts and limiting beliefs as I had encountered years earlier, popping up in my mind. 'Will I be good enough', 'I have to be the best'. I thought that people expected me to be the best. But no one can be the best at once. It takes hard work and dedication. It's the medals, prizes and trophies people see, not the consistent hard work blood sweat and tears, behind it all and Joyce helped me with her mentoring to get back on track as Top Sport athlete and get my business off the ground and to the next level" -Ilse


"Joyce has the gift of almost sensing what is needed. I felt seen and understood from the first time we talked. On a personal level we did what was needed to resolve the mental blockage I had. Next we tweaked my strategy, which felt great immediately.

The clarity I gained in such a short amount of time inspired me to go full force on my business again.

Oh and did I mention I love how she believes in me and my big dreams?!" -Tessa



"I am so extremely happy that I chose Joyce's mentoring program! By sharing her experience, knowledge, sharp analysis and to-the-point-feedback, I get challenged into self improvement and does she hand me practical tips which I can immediately apply to improve my day to day business.

By doing this mentoring in a group, it made me realized that I am not the only one struggling with issues. We all have similar issues and by supporting, motivating, sharing and caring for each other in the group, we all learn and grow.

This combination of personal attention and the group support, makes this program so valuable." - Mascha



Your investment in you

If you are really serious about your goals, dreams and business then investing in yourself is the best way to go. Investing in yourself, in acquiring knowledge or skills is the most important investment you can make for your financial future. The key is to update and diversify your skills. Do not just learn or know one thing the same way, learn how to do things differently, and also learn how to do different things. If you keep doing what you've been doing, you'll end up getting what you got and being stuck where you are.

The investment in this high end exclusive 6 months mentoring program by Drs. Joyce Carols is only 4497 euro (incl VAT).  If you need to make a special arrangement for your payment, please feel free to contact my team We always find a solution so you'll be able to participate. If you are really serious about getting on board, do not let money stop you. All participants have earned back their investment 2, 3 or even 10 times over!


About Drs. Joyce Carols 

Drs. Joyce Carols is the CEO and -founder of Enjoy EsC with a strong drive 4 diversity. She is a Success Mindset Psychologist & Behavioral Expert, International Speaker and Bestselling Author. Also know as the High Performance Leaders' Leading Lady

Joyce started working for major Fortune 500 Companies in her early 20s. By the time she was 36 she founded her own companies with which she later achieved her goal of becoming a self-made millionaire. Joyce overcame severe adversities in life and still managed to achieve all the big, unthinkable dreams & goals she planned for herself.

Her experiences inspired her to share this knowledge with others and she was soon mentoring, training & teaching thousands of people all over the world to create the lifestyle, wealth, and happiness in their lives by maximizing their potential, performance & impact. Both for Businesses as individuals alike.

With her ground breaking Corporate Women Program & High Performance Leadership Program, Joyce and her global team strategically support companies with high performance inclusive leadership strategies to recruit, retain and reinforce Corporate Women in Top Management & Board Positions so the can survive and thrive in a testosterone world without losing their femininity.

She is on a mission to Enjoy every day of her life and share that joy with all the people she interacts with either personal or professional.

Also featured as High Performance Leadership Expert in media like: