my favorite tools


HostZPresso Webhosting with only 1 time payment so no monthly costs anymore!

You can build your site with Wix or you can use WordPress

6 in one Tool

This Qishio Suite tool provides you with:

1. Listbuilder / autoresponder E-mail marketing

2. Landing page builder

3. Cloud storage

4. URL shortener

5. Chatbot for your social media

6. Image editor

No more monthly payments! All in one payment! I love this tool as now I have everything in one place and I also have no monthly costs anymore!

Content design

I use Canva for Content design. A free and easy tool, with lots of features, to create beautiful and appealing content, e-books, e-magazines, info graphics etc.


For invoicing I use the Wave App. You can create invoices and see your financial status in a clear overview. Its very user friendly.

For payments I use Stripe and Paypal

Team building

My team member I find on: Fiverr and my VA's I find on OnlineJobs PH