Masterclasses and Training Schedule

Schedules open or in-company 2018-2019

Events Calendar Drs. Joyce Carols

November 2018:

November 3: Keynote Speaker at NOD 2018 with "Getting Inside your Insights" (closed)

November 10: Keynote Speaker at LTD 2018 with "Getting Inside your Insights" (closed)

November 14: Training Coach the Coach (in-company closed)

November 20: Inspirational Speaker Sport Vlaanderen  (in-company closed)

November 21: Training Coach the Coach (full)

November 23: Inspirational Speaker Global Woman Club "The Psychology behind Connecting with your Audience" (in-company closed)

November 28: Training Coach the Coach (in-company closed)


December 2018:

December 14: Keynote Psychology behind Connecting with your Audience (in-company closed)

December 14: Keynote speaker and Masterclass at National Coach Conference 2018  "The Power and Psychology of Body language" (in-company closed)

December 15: Keynote Speaker International Trainers Conference Belgium "Mind Your Words" The impact our words have on our body, psychological state and on others. (in-company closed)

December 18: Masterclass Coach the Coach (in-company closed)


January 2019:

22 January 2019: Presenting with impact  (open for registration)

The Netherlands

Learn how to combine the power of your mindset with the power of your appearance to truly connect with your audience from the stage and achieve the results you have always wanted. Click Here for more information and registration:

February 2019:

February 5: Inspirational Speaker "Growth Mindset" (In-company closed)

February 12: Training Coach the coach (In-company closed)

February 12: Start Mentoring PWN Group

February 13: Training Coach the coach (In-company closed)

February 15: Masterclass Presentation Techniques Business School

February 18: Training 4-insights of an Excellent Trainer (Full)

February 20: Keynote Speaker With A Success Mindset, Failure is Not an Option for the Dutch Business Women entrepreneurial event


March 2019:

March 1: Masterclass Presentation Techniques Business School

March 8: Book Launch: I am proud to announce that on International Women's Day I will launch my KeyNote for Women: Unleash Your Voice book together with 12 amazing women from Singapore in Singapore

On March 12 and 13 the book launch will be in London (open events)

March 27: Training 4-insights of an Excellent Trainer (Full)

March 28: KeyNote Speaker on Developing a Students'Success Mindset, Annual Lectures Conference


April 2019

April 6: Keynote Speaker The Power of Effective Coach Questions Annual Walking Trainers Association

April 16-19: Visit Facebook HQ San Francisco Dutch Diversity Delegation in cooperation with Tedx Amsterdam Women and Dutch Embassy

April 25-28: Keynote Speaker at Andy Harrington Training Center


May 2019

May 10-11: Speaker at APS Singapore

May 13: Keynote Speaker "With a Success Mindset, Failure is not an option" The  Helping Company Foundation Day 2019 Sweden

May 22: KeyNote Speaker, "Speaking with Impact" (registration open)

May 24-25: European Speaker SUmmit

May 29-31: Book launch Unleash Your Voice New York


Mindset Masterclass

Learn all about the advantage of having a growth Mindset and how to use it to optimise your  strenght, happiness, energy and success! (Open for registration)

This is an online Masterclass. Click here to register