On the Basis of Sex

  • By Drs. Joyce Carols

I just got home from the pre-viewing of the movie: “On the Basis of Sex” about the live of Ruth Bader Ginsburg which I could see as I was invited by Carine de Meyere and Tedx Amsterdam Women. It made me realize a few things important things I really would love to share with you. Why? As this movie really made me reflect on the life I lived over a decade ago, when I was still in the Corporate World. It made me even more determined to keep doing what I am doing and that is being an advocate and leader where it comes to Diversity and Inclusion. And it made me realize a few things which I will share in this blog.

For those of you who don’t know the movie or Ruth, Ruth was a lawyer (on of the first) in the USA and one of the first women to be admitted at Harvard Law School over 50 years ago and the first ever female judge in the US. She was already married by the time she entered Harvard, had a husband and a small child. Her husband got cancer and she managed to follow both classes so she could also make notes for herself and her husband.

She took on a case to fight for equality and the end of the movie I will not tell yet, as it is a must see movie for everyone that takes a stand for diversity and inclusion. These are my take-aways from this movie and the forum discussion we had afterwards with the women present and lead by Tedx Amsterdam Women Organization

1) Equality is a myth, we need to do a lot more to get this right. A quote from the movie: “a court ought not to be affected by the weather of the day, but will be by the climate of the era.” Even every little step we take, changes our era, even if total shift towards complete diversity will take us more time than we’d hoped or wished for. All the small steps I take and effort I make e.g. for the non-profit KeyNote Women Speaker (a non-profit with the aim to bring more diversity to the global stages) will change the way people think and act about women speakers in general, even if it is at a very slow pace. We have to continue what we do and move forward.

3) Diversity requires a complete shift in mindset from both men and women. A lot of men want to change, but don’t know how, where to start or even what they do wrong (see also #4). Women need to change in stepping up, speaking out and showing themselves more and supporting one another (see #5). Both genders benefit from a balanced feminine and masculine side in themselves and in society. I just finished reading an report written by the world bank which shows that only 6 countries in the world give men and women equal legal rights!!

4) Support by your network is key in making and being the change. That’s why KeyNote is so important. We are leading by example and showing in a non profit way, all as volunteers, what can be done if you support one another and be the change. Surrounding yourself with like minded people and supporting one another is key in your success.

5) The fear to change “the way we’ve always done this” keeps a lot of men from accepting their responsibility in this issue and wanting to change. A lot of event organizers, corporate and societal events, have always worked with male only panel for as long as they can remember. It’s our job to show them a new world.

6) Women have a tendency to see others as a competitor and the “Nay Sayers” get each other down, instead of lifting one another up. Unfortunately I first handed encountered this myself in the corporate world and I still do today. What I also noticed is that strong women support each other, combine forces and lift each other up. I am lucky to have a network of women around me that are strong and true leaders, but the content of some comments I get from others are extremely counter productive. The insecure ones are showing signs of jealousy, backstabbing and other negative competitive behavior.  They have a tendency of getting others down to feel great (bigger) themselves. That’s why in my strong opinion Diversity is not a target group discussion, it goes way beyond that issue (see #8)

7) If you really want something, go after it, talk about it, take action and don’t wait for others to notice you, as they won’t. Ask why they did not pick you for this project, event or speaking opportunity, not only to grow from the feedback as a person, but also to raise the issue, open the dialogue and plant a seed.

8) True diversity has a huge psychological, cultural and economical impact on society. The latest report from the World Bank shows that the overall world economy would grow with a staggering 140 billion euro if women would get paid equal to men!!!!

So in summary, we’re come a long way and we still have a big road to pave! I pledge to continue my work for diversity with my drive4Diversity.com Company and also the work I do as a volunteer for KeyNote here in Europe. Let’s rewrite the rules together like Ruth did! Wishing you all a wonderful Women’s Week and a great IWD Events!

About Drs. Joyce Carols

Drs. Joyce Carols is the Founder of the Companies Enjoy EsC & Drive4Diversity (www.JoyceCarols.com / www.Drive4Diversity.com). She is a Mindset and Behavioral Expert with a strong Drive for Diversity. Her mission is to empower leaders to adopt a Success Mindset so they can shatter their glass ceiling and do, achieve or overcome anything while enjoying every minute of their lives. In this way they are able to balance professional success with personal energy strength and Happiness. A Success Mindset and an ingrained Diversity based focus and strategy are must haves to increase the psychological, cultural and economical performance and well-being of yourself and your company.

She’s a proud foster mom of two beautiful girls, a former international in both Field Hockey and Acro-diving. She has worked for well-known Fortune 500 Companies and worked/lived all over the world.

With her Companies Enjoy Esc & Drive4Diversity she supports global leaders in getting a Success Mindset on a personal and business strategic level and implement the right diversity programs. Her over two decades of experience, a hands-on mentality, enthusiasm, fun and a great amount of knowledge, makes her unique and the Executive Coach that motivates & helps you to achieve your goals. Drs. Joyce Carols is a sought after International Speaker and official TEDx Speaker. Her speaking engagements are graded most favorably by different audiences all over the globe.

Engaging. Knowledgeable. Truly inspirational through her astonishing life story!

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