Coaching Power Pack

A 4 hour 1:1 Coaching Power Pack to get you instant First Aid for your Vitality & Mindset Matters!

What you'll learn

The Power Pack will give you 4 hours of 1:1 coaching with Joyce. This Power Pack can be used as First Aid in urgent situations, or as a way to get to know each other and see what benefits you most, or just as a start. The sessions will be held via Skype or Zoom call so you don't have to travel and you can hold the call at a place that suits you best.

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Content of the Program

The Power Pack will give you 4 hours of 1:1 coaching with Joyce. This Power Pack can be used as First Aid in urgent situations, or as a way to get to know each other and see what benefits you most, or just as a start. The sessions will be held via Skype or Zoom call so you don't have to travel and you can hold the call at a place that suits you best.

In this 4 hour Coaching Power Pack you will learn and discover new ways to actually balance  your professional life with personal energy, positivity, strength and happiness.

In the program you'll receive 4 hours of 1:1 coaching Skype/zoom calls with me. You will get:

  • My special 4 step program.
  • My signature Triple 7 Vitality Tracker.
  • 4 Hours Personal skype call.
  • Membership to the Power Pack FB Group where I will share motivation, inspiration and new content. And where you'll be able to share your experience with likeminded amazing women like yourself.
  • As the membership to the special FB group is for life, you can repeat the 4 step training as often as you'd like. On a regular basis I will post and share new content with the members of the group, so you will actually buy a life-time program here!

Benefits of the Program

These are the benefits that you'll get if you'll buy the 4 hour Coaching Power Pack and if your are willing to commit spending at least the recommended time and do the assignments!

  • You will have knowledge of how to have less stress
  • You'll know what you'll have to do for a better work life balance
  • You could enjoy and appreciate your life even better
  • You'll know to improve the quality of your sleep
  • You'll have knowledge of ways how you can have more energy
  • Your productivity and concentration could increase
  • You will know how to implement our Triple 7 Vitality Priciple into your daily schedule
  • You will learn how I implement a meditation into my daily routine, without it consuming too much of my time
  • You will be shown the true meaning, purpose and effect of a PTL-list.
  • You'll know about the importance of a positive mindset
  • You'll know how limiting beliefs affect your quality of life, growth and success

The beauty of this program is that:

  1. You can do it anywhere you like
  2. It will take only about 10 minutes a day
  3. You don't need to sit for hours to do a meditation
  4. You have a group and me to keep you motivated and hold you accountable
  5. For a limited time you'll get lifetime access to the special FB group where I'll post new content and excersises on a regular basis! It will show you all my personal secrets how I stay energised, balanced and happy, being a successful six-figure entrepreneur, mom and loyal friend with a busy schedule, but also quality time for myself.

If you are as excited about this unique Coaching Power Pack as I am, then register quickly by clicking on the link below. You can book a free clarity session with me.

Joyce van Binsbergen Carols

You're the right person for this program if:

  • You are willing to commit and invest in your new you 
  • You are in need of instant coaching sessions
  • You really feel you want to improve the quality of your life even more
  • You want to learn the 4 steps on how I overcame my burnout, adversities and how I stay balanced
  • You are willing to fully commit to the program (in time, practice and new habits)
  • You are willing to invest in your own vitality (on all fronts even if it asks rescheduling your current calendar)

When you can say yes to yourself, yes to the commitment and yes to the investment this program is asking, then I would highly recommend you schedule a free clarity session with me, so we can get started soon.

How to get access to the program

If you want to get access to this signature and unique Coaching Power Pack where

  • You will be receiving a professional coaching from an expert in the field
  • That consists of a clear 4 step program,  where you will actually be able to benefit from
  • You will walk away with a clear road map on how to deal with your Vitality or mindset matters.
  • And where you'll be shown how you can get results by implementing just some small things and investing only 10 minutes a day

Book a free clarity session with me, by clicking on the link below and let's get started!


What others have to say about this program

A great number of amazing women already followed this program and here are some statements they left as comment when they finished the program.

Ellen – CEO Multinational

“After a year of struggle and almost being burn-out, this Coaching Power Pack gave me just what I needed. It gave me a clear direction on how to change for the better in a simple and effective way. It took me on average 10 minutes a day, which for me, as a mom and CEO with an extreme busy schedule, was an eye-opener. It gave me strength and energy, but most of all a new way of living!”

 Dyanara  – Business Owner

“it’s amazing what a difference a few minutes a day can make to your overall feeling and mood! This Tripple 7- Vitality Principle is working so well and the 4 hours with Joyce felt so good! She is amazing and knows to get to the core of your problem in no time, so the 4 hours were well spend.”

Jessie – CFO International FMCG Company

“I always wanted to be a top athlete myself and never could. Funny to realize that by doing what I do every day both at home as in my job, it takes the same amount of effort. The Coaching Power Pack really helped me to get a better insight in how hard I was for myself and what a competitive business environment can do to your health”

 Alexandra- HR Director High Tech Company

“I really needed help and support fast! With this Power Pack Joyce was able to get me back on track on no time and it gave me the support I needed so badly. With this Power Pack I was Lucky that I could work with a top coach like Joyce. All her other programs have waitinglists, but when you really need help like I did, she always makes time available, by offering this Power Pack. I now even send some of my top executives to Joyce, because I've experienced first hand what a difference only 4 hours with her can make on your life!”

Djamilla  - Entrepreneur

"A great way to work with such a brilliant high end coach even if you have a smaller budget"

Margret - Finance Director & Public Speaker

"I was asked to speak on a Global Finance Conference as key note speaker, but I thought I just was not good enough to do this. Joyce helped me to improve my selfesteem, my focus and the best posture so I would feel confident on the stage.

The investment for this program

The total investment for this amazing Coaching Power Pack filled with expert advice, guidelines, knowledge and 4 hour 1:1 calls with me, is just a limited time only $2250,- all inclusive.

PS you will get two additional free workbooks as a bonus!

Frequently Asked Questions

We recommend you read these frequently asked questions and the disclaimer in the last question, before you register to the program. If you have any other questions, please contact my team.

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