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10 Vitality Secrets for Work-Life Balance

And learn how I balance my professional success with personal energy, vitality and happiness!

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10 Vitality Secrets to Work-Life Balance

How to balance your professional success with personal energy, vitality and happiness

Welcome to your next step towards an energetic, balanced and joyful life! I’m Joyce Carols and I want to give you some guidance and inspiration on how I got from being burnout, then literally being paralyzed, due to a broken neck, to walking again and so to a long lived childhood dream of playing the Field Hockey World series against Argentina. (you can read this full story in the about section of my website).

Here are my 10 Vitality Secrets to Work-Life Balance 

This is the exact Blueprint I use when enrolling clients into my high-end coaching program. I've honed this blueprint over time to make it the best possible enrolment process for the personal development industry.

Use it. It works.

When you download my free E-book you will:

  • Discover the meaning of my Triple 7 Vitality Princple and how you could implement this in your daily schedule

  • Discover what a Happy Jar can do for your mental state and mindset

  • Discover how you can easily implement a meditation and mindfulness routine into your daily schedule without it taking too much extra time practicing it

  • Discover how only 10 minutes a day can make a change in your overal Vitality, Energy and Happiness

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Joyce Carols


Drs. Joyce Carols (48) is the Owner of Enjoy EsC. A training & Coaching Company specialized in Personal Growth, Effective Communication and Vitality Programs. She is specialized in coaching female entrepreneurs/top managers to balance professional success with personal energy, vitality and happiness. She has an amazing life story, that is inspiring, motivational and stunning, with parts about getting back on her feet after being paralyzed due to a broken neck and being a near death survivor! A must read for every person.

Joyce is a proud foster mom of two beautiful girls age 7 and 10 and partner of a loving man. She is a former Top Athlete for the National Teams in both Field Hockey and Acro-diving. And she has worked and lived for major international brands all over the globe.  

As a Leadership Coach & the worlds’ first Vitality Performance Coach© she supports Top Managers worldwide with her signature One on One Coaching Program, Elite Mastermind Intensive Program and her "10 for 20 in 30 Online Vitality Program".

With a  Drs. Degree in Psycho-Social Sciences; An extra FD Degree in Psychology, being a certified Essential Coach, certified Cognitive Fitness Specialist  (how to train your brain by moving), the author of an in 2012 UNESCO Awarded Coaching Program, a certified 4G Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Specialist, Certified Reiki 1+2, Certified Trans-Actional Analysis 1:1 coach, a respected & frequently quoted Behavioral&  Vitality EXPERT and MOTIVATIONAL SPEAKER, Joyce got over two decades of experience and knowledge to work from. That combined with her own past experience, a hands-on mentality, enthusiasm, fun and a great amount of knowledge, makes her unique and the Leadership & Life Coach that motivates & helps you to achieve your goals and is truly inspirational through her astonishing life story!

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