Ladies Stand Out Loud and Proud!

Over the last few weeks I have been working with so many beautiful, knowledgeable and inspiring women during my Executive Coaching Sessions, on stages or during networking events. And there is one common thing I have noticed in these conversation, which is that the most part of these women are too modest, too humble, shy and or are not able to bring across their amazing messages when they stand in front of an audience or during a network event. They do themselves short by not speaking out, not daring to tell their story and by not being able to strongly present themselves or their message to the world.

Like all these women I have been doing my job, working hard and being too modest and invisible for years and years and years. A lot of the times people would tell me to go on stage and share my story, to show myself more, to write a book, to be more visible on social media and I always thought: “Why? I work hard, I do great things, my executive coach clients have amazing results, who cares about my personal story and my income is steady so I can provide my kids a good life, what do I have to add to the turbulent and screaming social media world?!" And most of all there was this little voice in my head that told me to be modest, humble, work hard and to not stick my head above the crowd. It was in fact my mother’s voice in my head who raised us to do so. “Only if you work and study hard, you will get there. And modesty is one of the best virtues you can have. Talking about yourself, your accomplishments is bragging and or even arrogance” She said time and time again. So studying hard, working hard and being silent about my accomplishments is what I did.

Until one day after a training session a woman came up to me with tears in her eyes and said: “Joyce I wanted to quit doing what I am doing for 35 years already (she was a pre-school teacher), but due to your last little story I am so inspired, feel so valuable and suddenly realize my job is worth it as I am worth it and I can inspire these kids! Thank you!” And off she went, leaving me speechless. Then another one came up to me and gave me a big hug saying: “Thank you! Your last words were just what I needed today!” And more people followed with similar stories and remarks, hugging me, shaking my hand or in tears. Leaving me baffled and astounded. In that moment I realized that telling my life story (which I had done for the first time that day) and or the things I learned from it, could actually inspire and motivate others!

I hired coaches (an English Speaker Coach, a mental coach)to teach me how to bring my story and message from the heart, how to overcome my limiting beliefs and I hired a personal stylist to go through my wardrobe (which at that time was also a reflection of me not wanting to show myself….). Every day I get messages from men, women, students, young girls who are in one way or the other inspired by my life story and the way/things I learned to deal with adversity.

Now years later I have been on hundreds of stages all over the globe inspiring and motivating people, I stood on a Tedx Stage, I have an amazing clientele of Executive Women (and some men), I am able to give Corporate Trainings & Masterclass, I co-wrote a book with some incredible talented women from Singapore, but most of all I am able to give back to the community with my volunteer work for girls who are in need by giving them free mentoring and coaching. By showing my kids to stand out proud and tell their story, to learn from their mistakes (even embrace mistakes as an opportunity to grow) and so inspire others, I hope to raise two new female leaders for this world.

So how about you? Are you able to tell your story? Are you confident when you have to present your ideas in your company, in front of a board, to your co-workers or your team? Do you confidently know how to present your company/yourself to potential clients? Are you at ease showing yourself in a network setting? Do you dare to stand out and even shout out loud and proud about your own accomplishments? Are you as speaker or as an aspired speaker, absolute confident to be on stage and of your stage presence or how to tell you story in an engaging way that moves your audience?

If not, if you hesitate or if you want to improve yourself and grow your stage presence, I have some great news for you! I teamed up with Tammy Parrish (Executive Stylist) CEO of The Clothing Compass to do an unique -never done in the world!- 1 day Masterclass! The Presenting With Impact Masterclass given by Tammy Parrish and myself, will learn you to combine the power of Psychology and Mindset behind truly connecting with yourself and your audience with your own personal styling, to create the maximum impact of your presentation. You’ll be in a real theater on a real stage. You’ll leave with the knowledge, tips and tricks on how to Present Your Story With Impact. If you are interested or want to know more, you can click here. We'd love to welcome you! So you’ll dare and are able to Stand Out Loud and Proud!

About Drs. Joyce Carols

Drs. Joyce Carols ( is the Founder of Enjoy EsC. A Training & Coaching Company. Your First Aid In Vitality & Mindset Matters! Her mission is to empower female leaders to shatter their glass ceiling and make them aware that they can do, achieve or overcome anything as long as they set their mind to it and to enjoy every minute of their lives. In this way they are able to balance professional success with personal energy strength and Happiness.

She’s a proud foster mom of two beautiful girls, a former international in both Field Hockey and Acro-diving. She has worked for well-known Fortune 500 Companies and worked/lived all over the world.

As a Leadership Coach & the worlds’ fist Vitality Performance Coach© she supports Top Managers and Executives worldwide with her special “Private Coaching Program", her “3 Day Mastermind Elite Program” and her "10 for 20 in 30 Vitality Group Program". Her over two decades of experience, a hands-on mentality, enthusiasm, fun and a great amount of knowledge, makes her unique and the Leadership & Life Coach that motivates & helps you to achieve your goals. Drs. Joyce Carols is a sought after International Speaker and official TEDx Speaker. Her speaking engagements are graded most favorably by different audiences all over the globe.

Engaging. Knowledgeable. Truly inspirational through her astonishing life story!







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