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On Day #11 of the "Change Your Mindset, Change Your Life" Summit hosted by the amzing Jessica Perez-Bebee in November 2017, I was featured in an interview as mindset Expert in teaching you how to use your mindset to attract and create more balance between your professional success and your Personal Energy, Vitality and Happiness! NOW IS THE TIME to stop settling for less, and to boldly create the life you REALLY want to live! Are you ready? This is a come back story you do NOT want to miss!

"I broke my neck in two places and was told I had a 1% chance of ever walking again, but a few years later I stood on a Field Hockey pitch playing in the World Series with the national team!"


  • The exact mental process I used to not only walk again, but to achieve my dream of playing in the world series just a few years later!
  • Why a 1% chance is all YOU need!
  • How focusing on this ONE thing will save 75% of your energy.
  • What a Happy Jar is!
  • And why you only need 10 minutes a day to change your life.

Here's to your balanced life!

The amazing and well known Strategic Mindset Coach Jessica Perez-Beebe said about my interview: "I got goosebumps throughout this entire interview and had to hold back tears. You don't want to miss this amazing and inspiring story of triumph, and the power of your own mind to create miracles!"

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I hope the interview will inspire you as much as it did to all the viewers during the summit!


About Joyce Carols
Joyce Carols ( is the Managing Director of Enjoy EsC. A training & Coaching Company specialized in Personal Growth, Effective Communication and Vitality Programs. She is a Mindset & Behavioral Expert and the World's first Vitality Performance Coach.

She helps female entrepreneurs and top managers to balance professional success with personal energy, vitality and happiness.

She’s a proud foster mom of two beautiful girls, a former international in both Field Hockey and Acro-diving. She has worked and lived for well-known brands all over the globe and is a frequents asked Motivational Speaker.

As Leadership Coach & Vitality Performance Coach© she supports Top Managers worldwide with her special “Private Coaching Program", her “3 Day Mastermind Elite Program” and her "10 for 20 in 30 Vitality Program". Her own over two decades of experience, a hands-on mentality, enthusiasm, fun and a great amount of knowledge, makes her unique and the Leadership & Life Coach that motivates & helps you to achieve your goals. She is truly inspirational through her astonishing life story! Click here to learn more about Joyce Carols and her remarkable story of overcoming a broken neck and being paralyzed, but still managing to beating the odds and play in The World Qualifying Series for the National team a few years later. Plus surviving a near dead experience!



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